Community Resources Management

Community Resources Management

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Since 1978, Community Resources Management (CRM) within the Clark County Department of Social Service has served both the existing County organization and the larger community through the administration of federal, state and local grants. Working with County Commissioners, County Management, our external federal/state/local agencies and for-profit and non-profit partners, CRM has been able to accomplish many worthwhile community projects including public facilities, such as community centers and parks, and the construction and rehabilitation of affordable housing developments.

CRM's focus is the overall County, and we frequently join others to find solutions to critical community concerns. This may entail using a variety of federal, state and local funds, private donations from foundations and business, and existing government property. As an implementation arm of County Management and the Board of Commissioners, we address Commission identified projects as our top priority.

As agents of the larger community, we also work on other "targets of opportunity" where we see a need and can gather a variety of community resources toward its solution. Our ongoing goal is to make positive change happen for the community and to expand economic and social opportunities for our citizens.

For more information on our unit, please see our CRM Program Guide

Phone: (702) 455-5025 
TT/TDD:  Relay Nevada Toll-Free:  (800) 326-6868
TT/TDD:  Relay Nevada Toll-Free:  (800) 877-1219 (Spanish)

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