Independent Living

Independent Living

100ThingsGetReadyOffered for all youth in foster care ages 14 and older, the goal of the Independent Living program is to help youth make the transition from foster care to self-sufficiency. Through collaboration with community agencies, the department provides support services and referrals to include independent living skills classes, education, vocation and career planning. 

Youth participate in the Ansell-Casey assessment tool that assesses their educational status, job readiness, social development, money management, and daily living skills.  This assessment informs a youth-driven plan that assists youth in obtaining goals they have set to move towards self-sufficiency, while a team of people support youth in their efforts to achieve their goals. The team consists of parents, foster parents, CAP, CASA, Permanency and IL staff.

Additionally, the program provides assistance to youth formerly in foster care who have attained the age of 18 years while in foster care but who have not reached the age of 21 through a partnership with Clark County Social Services-Step-Up.  Step-Up staff focus on assisting former foster youth to attain economic self-sufficiency by providing goods and services such as job training, housing assistance and educational assistance. 

The Independent Living Committee is an open forum where local agencies, government entities, and the general public discuss issues facing our young adults. Conversations include but are not limited to; reviewing Independent Living Services available in the community, up and coming events/workshops, successes, and common issues our youth are facing with solution based and youth focused discussion. The meetings are held on a quarterly basis at locations of community partners, to be determined at the IL Quarterly Committee meetings.

2024 Quarterly Meetings

12/11/24 Independent Living Committee
09/18/24 Independent Living Committee
07/09/24 Independent Living Committee
03/20/24 Independent Living Committee
2023 Quarterly Committee Meeting*

09/20/23 Agenda
06/21/23 Agenda Minutes More...
03/22/23 Agenda Minutes More...
2022 Quarterly Committee Meeting*

12/13/22 Agenda Minutes More...
09/20/22 Agenda Minutes More...
07/20/22 Independent Living Committee Agenda
06/21/22 More...
03/22/22 Minutes More...
2021 Quarterly Committee Meeting*

12/09/21 Independent Living Committee Agenda Minutes
10/21/21 Agenda Minutes
07/27/21 Agenda Minutes
05/27/21 Agenda Minutes

* Please contact Independent Living Supervisor Isabel Iraheta at for additional information.

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