What are the qualifications to become a licensed foster parent or special needs adoptive parent?

What are  the special skills and qualities you look for in foster parents?

What is the purpose of the Foster Care Program?

Who must attend the training?

Can I bring children to the training class?

Do I have to be married?

Do I have to own my own home?

Do I have to have a lot of money?

Can a foster or adoptive child share a bedroom?

Can I take my foster child to my place of worship?

Is there any out of pocket expense to become a foster or adoptive family?

Will an arrest record automatically keep me from being a foster or adoptive parent?

What if I've been investigated by Child Protective Services?

How long will a child stay in my home?

Will I be able to specify what age, gender and special needs of a child I wish to foster or adopt?

Will I be given information concerning the child's needs?

Does the agency check foster children for HIV/AIDS?

How long will the process take to become a licensed foster parent or approved adoptive parent?

Am I expected to take any child that I am contacted about?

Am I allowed to spank foster children?

What happens if I have an out of town emergency?

Am I allowed to take foster children in my home out of state on vacation?

What is the most common reason why children come into foster care?

Will I meet the birth parents?

Am I considered the child's legal guardian?

Do I have to go to court?

Can foster parents adopt their foster children?

Are there babies available for adoption through the Department of Family Services?

What kinds of appointments should I expect with my foster child and how often?

Who can baby sit foster children? Are daycare services available to Foster Parents?

Does the state provide any assistance to families who adopt children with special needs?

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