Private Adoption

Private Adoption

If you would like to adopt an infant, toddler or young child without fostering first, you will need to work directly with a Licensed Private Child Placing Adoption Agency and follow the Guide for Adoption in Nevada, offered by the State of Nevada. 

Private adoption may be the right choice for your family if you are able to afford the costs associated with becoming privately licensed for adoption. If you are considering working with a private agency, remember to discuss all costs associated with adoption, including fees related to medical bills, birthparent assistance, an out-of-state facilitator, and/or legal fees.  It may be helpful to explore the Federal Adoption Tax Credit, Employer Assistance Programs at your place of work or Foundations or Organizations that provide grants and financial assistance. 

Private agencies tend to follow similar procedures, offering a series of classes and assisting adoptive parents with a home study. Consult with the private agency about their specific requirements and procedures regarding adoption, and whether or not they partner with Department of Family Services.  


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