Find My Forever

Find My Forever

“Adopting one child won’t change the world. But for that child, the world will change”  -Unknown 

Joy. Love. Belonging.
PaulDebut8-15-23PlayButtonAdopting children from foster care is a rewarding way to grow your family, while empowering children 
and teens in need to reach their full potential. When you choose to foster and adopt through Clark County Department of Family Services, together, we can help children Find My Forever.

If you are interested in adopting a child featured in a Find My Forever profile like Paul to your right, please email  Our team will work with your family to ensure that a child, teen, or sibling group featured in our Find My Forever program will be a good fit for your family. A Family Services Adoption Social Worker will walk you through the steps needed to adopt specific children featured in Find My Forever. 
A family interested in adopting children, teens, or sibling groups featured in Find My Forever will go through a prescreening process. If determined to be an appropriate fit for the child, teen, or sibling group, the family will receive an individualized plan to help them through the adoption process. 

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