Who are the children we are typically recruiting for?

Will I be able to specify what age, gender and special needs of a child I wish to adopt?

Are there infants/toddlers available for adoption through the Department of Family Services?

What are the minimum qualifications for a prospective adoptive parent trying to adopt a child through Clark County?

What special skills and qualities do adoptive parents need?

Is there any training required?

Can I bring children to the training class?

Do I have to be married?

Do I have to own my own home?

Do I need to have a certain amount of income?

Are there any out of pocket expenses to become an adoptive family?

Will an arrest record automatically keep me from being an adoptive parent?

What if I've been investigated by Child Protective Services?

Will I be given information concerning the child's needs?

How long will the process take to become an approved adoptive parent?

Am I expected to take any child that I am contacted about?

Does the state provide any assistance to families who adopt children with special needs?

I want to adopt a child through the County. How do I get started?

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