Children, Teens and Sibling Groups in Foster Care

Children, Teens and Sibling Groups in Foster Care

On most days, there are 3,400 kids in foster care in Clark County, with more than 100 children, teens, and sibling groups who are legally free for adoption. 

Children and teens enter foster care due to safety concerns, often resulting from neglect or abuse. While entering foster care is no fault of their own, children and teens in foster care need extra nurturing, patience, understanding, love, and support to help them heal from their trauma and being separated from their family.  Like most kids, they also laugh, cry, play, help out, act silly, and have unique qualities that make them special. Many children and teens who are available for adoption through foster care may have special needs that require specialized care or therapeutic support, that we will help you to arrange. 

The goal of foster care is always reunification...going home to their family or moving in with relatives. The Department of Family Services encourages the child/teen’s family to take the necessary steps to improve their lives with the help of supportive services, such as counseling, drug and alcohol treatment, housing assistance, and case management. When their birth parents successfully complete their reunification plans, they can welcome their children and teens back home. Over half of children and teens leaving foster care in Clark County reunite with their families or go to live with relatives.   

However, at times, when reunification is not possible, children and teens in foster care may become legally free for adoption. This means that their parents’ rights have been terminated and another life-long family is needed to raise the child/teen. The case plan goal then shifts to establishing a permanent family for the child, teen, or siblings in need.  Adoption provides these children and teens with a permanent family to call their own...forever! 

Please keep in mind that most children and teens in foster care who are available for adoption are school-age, ranging from 5-17 years old, many with brothers and sisters. It is important for children and teens to be adopted with their brothers and sisters. We ask that you please consider adopting sibling groups, to preserve their families, their built-in support system and allow them to grow up together.   

Being an adoptive parent to a child or teen in foster care is a lifelong commitment. It is a fulfilling responsibility with the power to change a child or teen’s future for the better.  

Adopt a child, a teen, or sibling group from foster care in Clark County, Nevada, and help them Find My Forever. 

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