Contracted Providers

Contracted Providers

At Clark County Social Service, we believe in the power of collaboration. By leveraging the strengths of our contracted providers, we create a comprehensive support system that addresses the diverse needs of our community. Together, we build a stronger, more resilient Clark County.

Our Network of Contracted Providers:

We collaborate with a network of landlords who provide safe housing options for individuals and families in need. Through strategic partnerships, we ensure that housing is a fundamental aspect of community stability.

Homemaker Agencies:
Our homemaker agencies focus on enhancing the lives of community members by offering essential services such as housekeeping, meal preparation, and personal care assistance. These agencies contribute to the well-being and independence of those who require support.

Skilled Nursing Facilities:
For individuals with complex medical needs, our network includes skilled nursing facilities that provide high-quality healthcare services. These facilities offer a range of medical and rehabilitative care to promote recovery and improve overall health outcomes.

Adult Group Homes:
Recognizing the importance of community living, our partnerships with adult group homes create supportive environments for individuals who benefit from a shared living experience. These homes offer a sense of community, fostering social connections and personal growth.

Adult Day Cares:
Adult day care services provide a vital resource for families caring for elderly or disabled members. These programs offer a safe and engaging environment, promoting social interaction, mental stimulation, and physical activity during the day.

To learn more about becoming a Clark County Social Service Contracted Provider visit our Partner with Us page.

For current Clark County Social Service Contracted Providers, visit our resources page to access forms and important information.
Contracted Providers - Landlords

Contracted Providers – Adult Care Agencies

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