CARE Programs

CARE Programs

The Community Advocacy Resources Enagegement (CARE) Programs provide a series of services to the Clark County community by engaging directly with individuals experiencing housing instablity and crisis. For detailed information about our CARE programs, please refer to the descriptions provided below or reach out to our offices at 702-455-4270, available Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm. We are here to assist you in navigating and accessing the support you need.



The Housing & Homeless Resources CARE program utilizes Clark County Social Service financial programs to assess and address the challenges faced by those experiencing housing instability.

Our team actively participates in outreach events, offering interested individuals housing assessments along with access to financial resources and applications. The program’s primary objective is to enhance our community's capacity to support the unhoused and intervene in crises such as evictions.

At resource and outreach events, our team engages directly with individuals experiencing homelessness, providing immediate housing solutions where necessary. Through comprehensive case management and service coordination, the program strives to transition individuals from temporary housing arrangements to sustainable, long-term solutions.


The Homeless Outreach CARE program works in collaboration with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department to provide outreach services to the unhoused population throughout Clark County. This program is committed to conducting comprehensive assessments, facilitating service connections, and offering essential resources and assistance to individuals in need.

Through our outreach efforts, we aim to stabilize those experiencing homelessness by addressing immediate needs such as deposits, transportation, and case management support. By engaging directly with individuals in the community, we strive to build trust and establish meaningful connections that can lead to long-term solutions.

Our team also assists households in achieving self-sufficiency through access to Bridge housing and other relevant referrals obtained during outreach events and community interactions.



The Family First CARE program is dedicated to serving adults with children who are experiencing homelessness or facing the risk of homelessness. Our team conducts thorough assessments to determine family needs and eligibility for Social Service financial assistance programs. We offer case management, housing navigation, and referrals to community resources to support families in need.

Referrals for this program are received from organizations such as the Truancy Prevention Outreach Program, Southern Nevada Health District, Department of Welfare and Supportive Services, Olive Crest, The Harbor, and the Desert Regional Center. We welcome inquiries for assistance


The Behavioral Health and Crisis Intervention CARE program receives referrals from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, often accompanying detectives on field visits or reaching out to citizens after incidents. The program provides support to individuals who have experienced a recent encounter with law enforcement by connecting them with mental health and substance use services, as well as addressing any other barriers they may face.


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