Clark County Mails Initial Real Property Tax Bills

Clark County Mails Initial Real Property Tax Bills

The initial real property tax bills for Clark County residents were mailed over the weekend and should be arriving in mailboxes as early as this week. Residents will receive either a tax bill if they do not pay their property taxes through a mortgage company or a tax statement showing what has been sent to their mortgage company for payment. Each of these documents show the property tax cap percentage for their address/addresses.

The property tax cap percentage is the maximum percent a property owner’s property tax can increase by annually.  This percentage is calculated each year by the Nevada Department of Taxation. For this fiscal year (2022-2023), the property tax cap rate for primary residences is 3 percent and other properties (investment, commercial, etc.) is 8 percent.

Residents can see what their property tax percentage is on their bill or statement, and a homeowner can correct this information at any time, each year before June 30 through the Clark County Assessor’s Office.

There are reasons why a homeowner may need to submit the form to correct their property tax cap, and these include: buying or selling a home; changing your primary residence; refinancing your home; or moving your home ownership into a trust, for example.

Ahead of June 30 of this year, a significant number of residents submitted forms to the Clark County Assessor to correct property tax caps on residential properties, and because of this, the tax bills that have been mailed, do not reflect these changes. Residents are encouraged to read the notice accompanying their mailing to understand next steps. The notice says:

“If you recently filled out the form to correct your tax cap percentage, please know that the Clark County Assessor has received a large volume of corrections which may take some time to process.  If you receive a tax bill with the incorrect property tax cap percentage and you have submitted a correction form, the Treasurer’s Office will send you a revised bill once the updated tax cap information has been processed.  If you do not receive a revised bill showing your correct tax cap information by October, please contact the Assessor’s Office at (702) 455-3882 or by email at

If you paid a higher property tax percentage for the previous fiscal year (2021 – 2022) and submitted the correction form by June 30, 2022, any refund owed to you may be applied to current taxes due or refunded. If this has not occurred by October, please contact the Clark County Treasurer’s Office at (702) 455-4323 or by email at”

Homeowners are again encouraged to contact the Clark County Assessor in October if they have not received a revised tax bill showing what their property tax cap is. Additionally, if a property owner does not receive an initial property tax bill or statement by August 1, they should contact the Clark County Treasurer at (702) 455-4323 or

The linked PSA has been created to help Clark County residents understand their property tax bill or statement and how to make a change if one is needed.


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