Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I pay my taxes?
Personal Property Taxes are paid to the the Assessor's Office. For additional information, visit the Assessor's Office Web pages.

Real Property Taxes are paid to the Treasurer's Office. For more information, visit the Treasurer's Office Web pages.
How do I sign up and pay for Safekey?
Safekey is offered through our Parks & Recreation Department. 
How can I pay a traffic ticket issued in Clark County?
You can pay a traffic citation using Courtview. If your ticket was issued in the jurisdiction of a Clark County Justice Court, you may get more information on the respective jurisdiction by visiting this page.
Where can I get help/answers concerning child support?
The Family Support Division of the Clark County District Attorney's office handles child support issues.

Marriage Information

Where do I get a marriage license?
The Clark County Clerk's office issues marriage licenses. Learn more
Where can I order my marriage certificate?
You may order your marriage certificate also known as a "Proof of Marriage" document from the Clerk's Office.
What are the operating hours for the Marriage License Bureau?
See a full list of hours with explanation for the Clark County Clerk's office which operates the Marriage License Bureau.

Business Licensing & Other Services

What types of business licenses are issued by Clark County?
The County's Department of Business License issues licenses for the following types of businesses: 
What is a Regulated Business?
Learn more about what types of businesses qualify as a Regulated Business.
What are the fees associated with getting a business license?
See the fee schedule for business licensing in Clark County.
Where do I apply for a business license?
The Clark County Department of Business License issues licenses for a number of types of businesses. Learn more.
Can I renew my business license online?
Yes, you can renew your business license online. 
Which Clark County codes affect businesses?
See adopted County ordinances that impact businesses as well as proposed amendments to existing Clark County ordinances affecting businesses.

See the full listing of Clark County codes here.
How do I apply for a Fictitious Firm Name?
Need to file a Fictitious Firm Name? Read about the County Clerk requirements if you plan to officially "name" your business. There is some excellent information for you on their website and you will have all the information you need to file your fictitious firm name. This form needs to be filed prior to applying for a Business License
Where can I find a list of businesses in Clark County?
Search for businesses by owner , business name, parcel number, address, category or business license number.
Where can I access information on how to become a contracted vendor with Clark County?
Contracts for Clark County are under the Division of Purchasing and Contracts. Learn more.


Where can I access and view Clark County meeting agendas?
Here you will find meeting agendas for the Clark County Board of Commissioners, the Planning Commission and Zoning Commission. You also may access archived meeting materials.
Where can I get election and voting information?
Visit the Election Department pages to register to vote, review your voting record, get information about elected officials, and find out about upcoming elections.
Where can I find information about the Clark County Commission?
The Clark County Commission is a seven-member board comprised of elected individuals who represent seven designated areas of Clark County including incorporated areas. Visit the following link to learn more: Clark County Commission.
Where can I get Town Advisory Board and Citizen Advisory Council information?
Town Advisory Boards and Citizen Advisory Councils serve in an advisory capacity to assist the Board of Commissioners with the decision-making process in supplying public services to unincorporated areas of Clark County.
Where can I access information on the Planning Commission?
Get information on the Clark County Planning Commission.
Where can I get information about serving on a volunteer Clark County community board or council?
Clark County offers a number of opportunities for citizens to engage with the governing process. One way is to volunteer to serve on a community board. Learn about the various board service opportunities in Clark County.


Where can I access marriage records?
The Clark County Clerk's Office compiles and maintains records such as marriage certificates.
For divorce records, you will need to contact Clark County Family Court.
Where can I access divorce records?
Divorce records are maintained by the Eighth Judicial District Court Family Court Division.
Where can I access property records?
Both the offices of Clark County Recorder and Assessor maintain property records. Visit these respective website pages to search for a variety of information by parcel number, address, owner name or other options. You will be able to review information on personal and real property.
Can I order birth or death records from Clark County?
Clark County does not maintain these records. The Southern Nevada Health District retains birth records from 1972 forward and death records from 1978 forward. Records prior to these years must be obtained from the Office of Vital Records and Statistics in Carson City. Please see their respective websites for more information: Southern Nevada Health District and the Office of Vital Records and Statistics.
How do I file a police report or request a copy?
Clark County Government does not handle police investigations. Police investigations, including filing or requesting a routine police report is handled by the respective jurisdiction where the offense or situation occurs.

The following police departments respond to citizens in Clark County/Southern Nevada:
Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department
North Las Vegas Police Department
Henderson Police Department
Boulder City Police Department
Mesquite Police Department
Nevada State Highway Patrol

Family Services & Adoptions

Where can I get information about foster parenting or adoption?
Clark County Family Services provides information about adoptions and foster parenting to the community and families interested in becoming forever homes for children in Clark County.
Where can I access help with child support services?
The Clark County District Attorney's Office Child Support Division offers a variety of programs and processes related to child support. Learn more.

Recreation Options

Where can I find information about outdoor destinations in  Southern Nevada?
Southern Nevada is home to Clark County where within minutes you can enjoy great outdoor destinations sure to wow you from the famous Las Vegas Strip to the Red Rock Canyon Conservation Area.
Where can I find information about activities for my entire family?
Our Parks & Recreation Department offers a wide variety of classes, events and activities for all ages.

Animal Services

How do I contact  animal control services or file a complaint?
Report a stray animal in your neighborhood by calling Animal Protection Services Dispatch at (702) 455-7710. For general information, visit Animal Protection Services online.
You also may file a complaint via our FixIt Clark County reporting system.

General Services & Information

How do I file a complaint about potholes, street lights, graffiti, trash short-term rentals, abandoned vehicles, animals & more?
You may file a variety of complaints using FixIt Clark County  The reporting system is monitored by our Public Works, Code Enforcement and Business License departments. It also is the most responsive method for sharing concerns with the offices of the Board of Clark County Commissioners.
Where can I obtain County news releases?
Our Office of Communications & Strategy develops and disseminates news releases for the media and general public.
How can I see if someone is booked in the Clark County Detention Center?
Use the Inmate Search tool to find someone you may think is housed at the Clark County Detention Center. For more jail services, visit this link.
What is it like to live and work in Clark County?
What courts are in Clark County?

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