SID Surplus Refunds

SID Surplus Refunds

Special Improvement Districts
Surplus Refunds

After the Assessment collections and debt service, project and administration expenses associated with a SID have been paid and accounted for; Clark County is required to provide a notice of availability of any surplus refunds in the District pursuant to NRS 271.429.

The surplus refunding process requires a final accounting of an SID after the last assessment collections are received from the property owners and all of the liens have been released and the debt service, project construction, and any legal/administrative issues are complete.

The reconciliation process involves a validation of the revenue and expense entries, along with researching the parcel lineage from the original assessment roll to determine the proportionate share of surplus refund available to the property owner on the date of record. Office of the Treasurer coordinates with Public Works, Comptroller, Finance, District Attorney, and Bond Counsel throughout the process.

No SID Surplus Refunds are available at this time.

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