Recording Notification Service

Recording Notification Service

The Recording Notification Service allows members of the public to receive an email alert whenever a document is recorded at the Clark County Recorder's Office.

Our Recording Notification Service is a courtesy to inform our citizens of any document recordings that may occur.  There is no guarantee that using this service will inform you of all documents recorded that may pertain to your property.


Notification by Name and/or Parcel Number
Residents may list their name variations and/or parcel numbers with an active email address. This service will only notify the subscriber of recording events based on the enrolled name(s) and/or parcel number(s) following sign-up.

If you receive an alert, a document has been recorded that includes a name or parcel number that you are monitoring. The alert will provide you with a document instrument number.   Visit our online document search and copy database or click the link in the email to view the document details.

Be advised, not all names appearing on a document are indexed by the Recorder's Office. Grantors and Grantees are indexed by our office according to NRS 247.150.

The APN (parcel number) is a requirement on all conveyance documents, liens, easements and mortgage type documents. However, it is not a requirement on all recordings. We recommend monitoring both your name variations and/or APN(s).

If you receive a notification for a recorded document on your registered name(s) and/or parcel number(s), the Clark County Recorder's Office is unable to provide information regarding the contents of the document. If you suspect you are a victim of document fraud, please contact local law enforcement.  Additional inquiries may be sent to

To register or update your subscription, please visit our Recording Notification Service page. The staff of the Recorder's Office cannot view, change, or remove subscriptions from this service.

Registered users may unsubscribe from RNS at any time by visiting the Recording Notification Service page.

Have Questions?
If you have questions about the Recording Notification Service, please visit our RNS Frequently Asked Questions page.

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