Mining Documents

Mining Documents

Mining documents relate to claims on mineral rights. The claim may be either patented (title to the land has been granted to the claim location) or unpatented (does not include title to the land).

The Federal government patents mines. The patenting process is rather complex, often expensive and usually it is necessary for it to be part of an operating, profitable mine. Once patented, a claim has clear and absolute title and is entered on the tax roll. Since patented mines are under the jurisdiction of federal regulations, information about patented mines should be directed to the State Office of the Bureau of Land Management.

Documents recorded in this office on unpatented mining claims include, but are not limited to:

  • Certification of Location
  • Proof of Annual Labor
  • Mining Map

There are State regulations and/or statutes that specify map size and scale requirements for recording lode, placer, millsite or tunnel rights. For additional information, please call the office at (702) 455-4336.

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