Military DD214

Military DD214

Military – Recording of Certificates of Honorable Discharge (DD214)

Recording Certificates of Honorable Discharge (DD214)

When an individual separates from military service, they receive a DD214 Form (military separation document). The military service organizations may suggest recording the form to ensure easy availability of a certified copy of the document if the original were to become lost or destroyed. However, the Clark County Recorder's Office would like to make you aware of the following before doing so:

  • The Recorder’s Office is a public record office, which means anyone can view your recorded document.
  • All records are available to the public to view and purchase copies.  NRS 247.090
  • Once a document is recorded, it becomes an official record and CANNOT be unrecorded.
  • Recording your DD214 Form is not mandatory.
  • If you elect to record your DD214 Form, as a courtesy, the Recorder’s Office does not charge for the recording.
  • Social Security Numbers are redacted prior to the release of the document for public viewing.
Please contact your local Veteran’s Administration
Office for more information:

Veterans Assistance Office
4800 Alpine Place, Suite 7
Las Vegas, NV  89107
(702) 258-8904


Nevada Office of Veteran Services
950 W. Owens, Suite 111
Las Vegas, NV  89106

NRS 419.020                          Duties of county recorders.

NRS 419.020  Duties of county recorders.

  1. The county recorders of the counties of this State shall procure books containing suitable blanks in which to record certificates of honorable discharge from the Armed Forces of the United States.
  2. The county recorders shall record therein all such certificates as may be presented to them for record, free of any charge therefor, and shall make the customary certificate of such record thereon.       [1:236:1919; 1919 RL p. 2705; NCL § 2132] + [2:236:1919; 1919 RL p. 2705; NCL § 2133] — (NRS A 2019, 133)


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