A lien is a claim or charge by a creditor upon the real property of a debtor. Three examples of recordable liens include:

  • a Mechanics Lien recorded by the person furnishing labor or materials for construction work,
  • a Government Lien recorded by a government agency for the failure of the owner to pay personal, business or real property taxes, and
  • a Judgment Lien issued by a court on all real property owned by the judgment debtor.

Search Official Records for liens

To find a payoff amount, please contact the creditor or Liening party for the correct amount.

The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) applies to any transaction intended to create a security interest in personal property. This interest can be viewed as a lien on personal property. Some examples of a security interest include buying furniture and financing it through a finance company, using furniture or a boat or the accounts receivable of a business as collateral for a loan.

For almost every type of document that places a liability on the land, a related recordable document reverses the original action. Many are simply called releases while other terms include dismissal, rescission, termination or cancellation.

Recorder Personnel are forbidden by State Law to practice Law which includes advising what forms are needed, how to fill them out, or giving any other legal advice.

For additional information on recording a lien, please call (702) 455-4336.

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