How to ReRecord

How to ReRecord

The purpose of re-recording a document is to make corrections to a document that has been previously recorded.

If you received a rejection letter, your document has been returned unrecorded. Please see the specific instructions on your rejection letter and the General Guidelines for Recording.

Corrections to a previously recorded document may be made by:

  • Mailing a certified copy with the corrections to our main office
  • Submitting a certified copy with the corrections in person at one of our three locations
  • Electronically recording the corrections on the original document or a certified copy through an e-Recording provider

If you have any questions, please call our office at (702) 455-4336

Ordering a Certified Copy (if applicable)

The following items are required to re-record:

Prepare and Pay associated Recording Fees.
Note: When re-recording, your document will have one extra page than the original recording (the cover sheet).

Acceptable Forms of Payment

Mail or bring both your document to be re-recorded and payment to our office.
Clark County Recorder's Office Address

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