How to E-Record

How to E-Record

Electronic Recording (E-Recording) is a comprehensive online document and data exchange system that allows recording customers to automate their recording processes with increased security, accuracy and efficiency.  E-Recording enables you to accelerate recordings, streamline operations, eliminate check-writing costs, improve document security, and track document status in real time.  E-Recording automatically converts each document type into one common, unalterable format so it can be legally authenticated and distributed electronically.  Title companies, financial institutions, law firms and other businesses involved in real estate transactions recognize great benefits from electronic recording.  The Clark County Recorder's Office offers E-Recording for our frequent customers.  

The Clark County Recorder's Office provides a WEBSERVICE that allows recording transactions to be passed electronically to the County Recorder's internal recording application for processing. There are two ways to use this service. The first is to develop a front end application that can communicate with our WEBSERVICE to send transactions for recording and to retrieve the recorded documents. Developing such an application would require a significant programming effort on your part.  The second way is to send documents through an “electronic courier service”. These are companies who have already developed front end applications to submit electronic transactions to many counties throughout the country and provide E-Recording submission services. In most cases these are subscription based services. They provide customers with software to submit electronic transactions and charge a per document transmission fee. These companies are mostly used by title companies, law firms, financial institutions and other businesses involved in real estate transactions.

To enroll with one of the E-Recording companies, contact one of the following authorized submitters directly:  

Simplifile Josh Holmes (800) 460-5657 x1034**
CSCGlobal Sales Team (855) 200-1150, Opt #1**
E-recording Partners Network (ePN) Pam Trombo (888) 325-3365**** Nicole Barker (714) 602-1510**

The Clark County Recorder's Office is PROHIBITED from giving ANY legal advice, or to assist in document preparation. We DO NOT provide any notarial services. Various types of forms may be purchased at office supply or legal form stores.

Once you have the appropriate form, you may prepare it yourself, consult legal counsel or contact a local title company or escrow company.

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Please see Clark County Recorder ERecording Guidelines

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