Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions that are not covered above, please send an email to our office:

Are original documents available to view online?

How often are the records updated?

When is the best time to record a document?

Where do I get a copy of my marriage license/certificate or search for a marriage record in Las Vegas?

How do I get a divorce or an annulment, if I was married in Clark County?

How can I search for official records?

How can I order copies of documents?

What is the purpose of "recording" documents?

What is "Indexing"?

How does the (Recorder's) website affect me?

Will the Recorder's Office assist me in filling out my documents or forms?

If I come to the Recorder's Office before 5:30 PM, am I guaranteed that my documents will be recorded?

Does the title company have complete control over when my documents get recorded?

What is the correct URL (Internet address) for the Recorder site?

What is the email address for the Recorder's Office?

Where is the Recorder's Office Located?

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