Customer Comments

Customer Comments

"I walked into the Recorder"s Office somewhat ignorant as to what it was I actually needed to do. Angie was extremely patient and very, very, helpful. She was also very kind and considerate. Angie is a true asset to Clark County residents. Thank you!"
~ G. Mahoney, Las Vegas

"Have had occasions to be served by Assessor, Recorder, and Treasurer"s offices and very impressed and extremely satisfied with services and effectiveness. Even being midafternoon on a Friday and probably a very stressful week, Toni was most delightful, cheery, helpful, and a pleasure to associate with. Gold medal!"
~ T. Stidham, West Richard, Washington

"Melissa"s job knowledge and skills are excellent. She was able to quickly page through a 300 page trust and select the proper documents to complete the tasks. Thank you, Melissa."
~ M. Allen, Las Vegas

"Sharon was very helpful and has a great attitude about providing service. My experience was very pleasant. She does a great job."
~ M. Flank

"I am a new representative for the IRS and Samadhia was awesome helping me through the process."
~ M. Cragun, Las Vegas, NV

"I had to deal with several people and never having to deal with a transaction like this, they were all courteous and patient."
~ R. Earnshaw, Lake Havasu CIty, AZ

"Mary was very efficient and handled my transaction in a very thorough and timely manner. She was also very courteous, nice and friendly."
~ M. McCaughley, Las Vegas, NV

"I had four complicated deeds that needed to be re-recorded per Assessor"s request for supporting documents. Rita did a great job explaining things and was very patient and pleasant."
~ Law Firm of Rands South & Gardner

"Brenda was amazing, kind, courteous, and helpful. She was also patient. I really appreciate having people like her."
~ L. Curtiss, Las Vegas, NV

"Carolyn did an excellent job taking care of my business. She was very professional and very polite."
~ M. Moon, Henderson, NV

"Sue and Melissa provided outstanding, professional service!! They ensured that we had a great experience, as great as a filing a quit claim can be. Clark County is lucky to have Melissa and Sue as employees."
~ B. Bezdicek, Waukee, IA

"Everything went smoothly and faster than I expected. Audrey was very professional, courteous, and friendly. She is an asset to the Recorder"s Office."
~ K. Rider, Las Vegas, NV

"Stephanie was excellent and a pleasure! She was knowledgeable and extremely efficient and very sympathetic as I tried to change documents due to the death of my father. She is a wonderful representative of the County!"
~ M. Schellberg, Las Vegas, NV

"Donette was very helpful and informative. I appreciated her pleasant and welcoming demeanor. It was Friday at 4:50 p.m. and everyone in the office was very nice. I didn"t feel rushed or pushed at the door. Thank you!"
~ K. Vanderhoot, Las Vegas, NV

"Service was excellent, fast, and very social. Marketta was very friendly and great with my child and myself."
~ J. Pelayo, Las Vegas, NV

"Rita was very helpful to me to make sure my document was compliant. She went out of her way to assist me."
~ B. Belingloph, New Berlin, Wisconsin

"Today, I have received 2 copies of our marriage certificate. I could not thank you enough for the extra effort that you have given in this instance. I really appreciate it."
~ V. Rogador

"I am so impressed with the customer service you have extended to me. Time truly is of the essence in regard to my getting this document. I just am not used to ever even getting a reply much less genuine assistance. Thank you so very much."
~R. Mills, San Diego, CA

"Give Carol a raise. Very smart and helpful. Makes the county look good. Excellent. Superior employee."
~ J. Nascimento, Las Vegas, NV

"First, I would like to thank you for your nice and helpful way.The picture on your home page reflects these qualities and I think that"s very commendable. We hope to receive our marriage certificate soon."
~ K. Effgen, Germany

"Carolina was excellent in how she showed me how to use the machine. She was very patient in allowing all my mistakes. Our law firm appreciated the great customer service she gave me and it didn"t take me all day to finish my job and help the company! Carolina is great!"
~ M. Nettles, Las Vegas, NV

"As an out of state property owner, we were impressed with the courtesy and professionalism of the front desk staff, the auditors and the records research staff who helped my mother and I with our transaction. We were able to get our transaction done in an timely manner. Each staff person extended their best customer service! Thanks!"
~ G. Gee, San Francisco, CA

Assisting a customer who is compiling family history and needed to know how and where to search for records that provide dates of birth and referred them to the Clerk"s Office.

"Thanks for the tips. I talked with someone at the Clerk"s Office and it seems they can supply what I want. It"s good to work with someone who has first-hand knowledge of what is wanted."
~ J. Grove


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