About Debbie Conway

About Debbie Conway

Message from the Recorder Debbie Conway, Clark County Recorder

Over the past few years, the office has undergone a complete metamorphosis. We have introduced a number of significant technological enhancements that have upgraded and improved document quality and have tremendously improved the level of customer service.

Each day we celebrate the customer and make it our priority to provide excellent service by always putting the customer first. With an average of 532 walk-in customers daily, the award-winning
Q-Matic queue management system has ensured that each customer receives prompt, efficient and orderly customer service.                                                                                                                 

Our greatest accomplishment to date is the implementation of electronic recording of documents. Additional improvements include upgrading the automated telephone system that services our nearly 80,000 phone calls, annually. Also, digitizing the thousands of rolls of microfilm in our office has proved to be a significant time saver for the hundreds of customers that frequent the Recorder's Office.

By working closely with the County Assessor, the computers in the public access area of our shared lobby now provide the ability for the public to access the records stored in both the Recorder as well as the Assessor’s databases.

The Recorder’s Office has updated its redaction software to ensure the privacy and security of our customers by protecting their personal information.

All of these innovations are designed with you, the customer, in mind. Even this web site has been revamped so that the customer may easily access information from our office via the internet.

I encourage you to visit the Recorder’s Office to see first-hand the changes that have been implemented for the purpose of creating a smoother and more efficient operation.


Debbie Conway

Phone: (702) 455-4336




Biography (Biography)

Debbie Conway has served the public for over 25 years, and is currently the Clark County Recorder. She began her first term in January 2007. She was re-elected for the next four terms beginning in 2011, 2015, 2019 and 2023. She oversees over 60 employees and operates on a combined budget of over $10 million. Since taking office, her focus has been on technological enhancements and services to customers; implementing electronic recording; and installing an advanced recordation software system. Her office records one million documents annually and collects $175 million in Real Property Transfer Taxes and general recording fees. Prior to her career in government, she spent 20 years in the private sector in the areas of bank management, sales and project management, grants management and administration, and as a teacher and trainer.

Previously, Debbie was the County's Business Development Manager. She directed the Summer Business Institute, a high school mentorship program which provided hundreds of students with internships and scholarships. She produced and hosted KCEP's radio talk show, "Economic Empowerment Into the 21st Century"; and was an adjunct instructor for the College of Southern Nevada School of Business.

Debbie was previously featured and acknowledged in the following: "Distinguished Women in Southern Nevada;" Small Business Administration's "Woman Advocate of the Year;" Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce's "Community Achievement Award in Public Service," In Business Las Vegas "Most Influential Women In Business"; and KLAS TV's "Portraits of Pride" Award. She is also a graduate of the Leadership Las Vegas Class of 2000. She was a finalist for NAWBO's "Women of Distinction" Award in the category of Philanthropy, Community, and Government Services. The County Recorder and County Assessor formed a collaborative partnership and they are recipients of two national awards (NACo and NACRC) for best practices in implementing the Q-Matic queue management system.

Debbie hails from the great state of Mississippi. She has earned her Bachelors of Business Management Degree from Saginaw Valley University, and Masters of Business Administration Degree from Delta State University.

Debbie is a member of the following committees and organizations:

  • Clark County Credit Union, Chair of the Board of Directors
  • Members Auto Brokerage, Board of Directors
  • Recorder Advisory Council, Chair
  • Property Records Industry Association (PRIA)
  • Nevada Taxpayer’s Association
  • International Association of Government Officials (IGO), State of Nevada Delegate
  • Association of Records Managers and Administrators (ARMA)
  • County Fiscal Officers Association (CFOA), Board of Directors
  • Nevada Recorders Association (RAN)
  • National Association of Counties (NACo)

Debbie has served on the following boards:

  • Frontier Girl Scouts of Nevada, Chair of the Board of Directors
  • Cultural Diversity Foundation of Nevada, Advisory Board of Directors
  • Academy of Finance
  • National Association of Minority Contractors
  • Women in Construction
  • Metropolitan Police Department’s Use of Force Review Board
  • Business Development Advisory Council, Chair

Debbie's previous community service and achievements include:

  • Administrator for the Area Employment Plan, "First Source Agreements"
  • Coordinator for 17 public and private agencies - $500,000 + Multi-jurisdictional Regional Economic Disparity Study
  • $3 Million project: Grant Administrator for Southern Nevada Enterprise Community (SNEC)
  • $1.2 Million project: Project Manager for the West Las Vegas Early Childhood Development Center
  • Created and established the Division of Small Business Development at Clark County
  • Negotiated and implemented a small business loan guarantee fund for SNEC
  • Created, produced, and formerly hosted the radio talk show "ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT INTO THE 21ST CENTURY" on KCEP FM 88.1 
  • Proposed and implemented an Annual Job Fair in West Las Vegas
  • Assisted in raising funding and in implementing the Summer Business Institute Program, a $1.5 million project (summer internships for youth with on-the-job training, life skills and financial management workshops, and a scholarship opportunity for juniors and seniors in area high schools)
  • Led a team responsible for implementing computerized procurement tracking and monitoring system for Small Business Development at Clark County
  • Established an airport field office resulting in the expedient coordination of a multi-jurisdictional economic disparity study project, serving as project coordinator
  • Established procedures for implementing the Southern Nevada Enterprise Community Program (SNEC)
  • Created and wrote a user-friendly training manual to computerize the conversion of the BOCC agenda process

Throughout the years, Debbie has received numerous awards and recognition for her efforts in public service including the following:

  • 1996, 1997 and 2000 - Recipient of the National Association of Counties (NACo) "Achievement Award" for Video Production, Summer Intern Program, Business Television Program, and Outreach Training Workshops
  • 1997 - Featured in the "Distinguished Women in Southern Nevada" periodic publication
  • 1998 - Recipient of the Small Business Administration's "Woman Advocate of the Year Award"
  • 2000 - Graduate of "Leadership Las Vegas" through the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce
  • 2002 - Recipient of the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce's "Community Achievement Award in Public Service"
  • 2003 - Featured in Business Las Vegas' "Most Influential Women In Business"
  • 2003 - Recipient of the "Rose Award" for Leader and Role Model in the Community
  • 2004 - Featured in KLAS TV's / Channel 8 "Portraits of Pride"
  • 2009 - Finalist for the National Association of Women Business Owners' "Women of Distinction Award" in the category of Philanthropy, Community, and Government Services
  • 2009 - Co-Recipient with the County Assessor of the NACo "Best Practices Award" for implementing the Q-Matic queue management system
  • 2009 - Co-Recipient with the County Assessor of the National Association of Clerks, Recorders, Election Officials, and Treasurer's (NACRC) "Best Practices Award" for implementing the Q-Matic queue management system
  • 2010 - Finalist for the Nevada Taxpayer's Association "Cashman Good Government Award" for Q-Matic
  • 2010 - Finalist for the National Association of Women Business Owners "Woman of Distinction Award" in Government (WODA)
  • 2010 - Recipient of the NACo "Achievement Award" for the eRecording Gov-to-Gov collaboration
  • 2012 - Finalist for the Nevada Taxpayer's Association "Cashman Good Government Award" for the Audit Queueing System
  • 2012 - Recognized in Government Technology Magazine as a "Top 25 Doers, Dreamers & Drivers for 2012"
  • 2013 - Recipient of the NACRC "Public Official of the Year Award"
  • 2013 - Recipient of the International Association of Government Officials (IGO) "Eagle Award"
  • 2016 - Recipient of the CSC "Leader of the Pack Trailblazer Award"
  • 2018 - Recipient of the iGO "Innovator Award" in the Recorder's Division
  • 2018 - Finalist for the Nevada Taxpayers Association "Good Government Award" for eRecording
  • 2020 - Recipient of the NACo "Education Awareness Award" for the Records Research Outreach Workshop 
  • 2021 - Recipient of the NACo "Achievement Award" for the Remote Multipurpose Interactive Recording Kiosk (RMIRK)
  • 2022 - Finalist for the Nevada Taxpayers Association "Good Government Award" for the RMIRK
  • 2022 - Recipient of the NACo "Achievement Award" for the Recording Notification Service (RNS)


As Clark County Recorder, my goals are:

  • Expedite filings through the continued upgrading and integrating of new technology
  • Continue to enhance the workflow of the office to create greater efficiencies
  • Continue to cross train and rotate staff to maximize resources
  • Continue to facilitate a citizens' committee to provide input from constituents and area businesses
  • Continue to review the operations in other municipalities and modify adaptations and upgrades accordingly where feasible
  • Modernize and improve the telephone center operational processes
  • Continue to form collaborative partnerships with other elected officials and related offices to improve transition of documents
  • Explore alternative means of submitting documents, i.e. after-hours locked drop boxes, kiosks, and/or additional satellite sites, home recordings, Gov. to Gov., et al.

Clark County Recorder's Office Accomplishments from 2007 - Present

  • Decreased operating budget by approximately 5 percent during cost containment
  • Decrease return document backlogs from 6 months down to 1-3 days
  • Reduced customer wait time from 1-3 hours to less than 15 minutes
  • Opened two new Branch Offices, shared with the Assessor's Office in Henderson and in the Northwest
  • Oversaw the design and implementation of the Remote Multipurpose Interactive Recording Kiosk (RMIRK)
  • Oversaw the design and implementation of the marriage certificate kiosk (now provided through the County Clerk's Office)
  • Added the option to order Marriage Abstracts online (now provided through the County Clerk's Office)
  • Implemented online ordering of records
  • Developed a mobile website to research and order recorded documents
  • Installed new recordation software system
  • Implemented electronic recording (eRecording)
  • Installed software to redact personal information from confidential documents
  • Implemented microfilm preservation and digitization projects and processes
  • Installed Q-Matic queue management system to create greater efficiency and expedite customer service
  • Installed Audit Queue features to facilitate the audit of deeds
  • Introduced Real Property Transfer Tax hearings
  • Founded the Recorder's Advisory Council (RAC)
  • Implemented the use of credit cards for payment (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express)
  • Established escrow accounts for title companies 
  • Upgraded desktop computers, printers, and monitors
  • Reconfigured workstations
  • Upgraded to high-volume, high-capacity scanners
  • Installed upgraded telephone system to replace ACD
  • Remodeled and expanded the records research public access area by also upgrading computers
  • Provided wi-fi system capability for public access
  • Lobby enhancements to provide a work counter and additional seating for customers
  • Improved signage to better guide customers
  • Improved business continuity in the event of network failure
  • Installed artificial intelligence automated indexing
  • Implemented a new website
  • Reduced employee over-time in 2008/2009 by 99%
  • Upgraded microfilm readers

Annual Statistics

  • Operates on a combined budget of approximately $10 million
  • Collects over $175 million in RPTT and general recording fees
  • Answers over approximately 80,000 phone calls
  • Serves over 65,000 walk-in customers
  • Records over 1,000,000 documents of which 75% are electronically recorded

Technological Enhancements

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