Oaths of Office

Oaths of Office

Most Oaths of Office for elected officials, their deputies, and for members of various boards and commissions are maintained by the Clark County Recorder.

If you have contacted the Clark County Recorder's Office and they do not have the oath on file, it is possible the oath was filed with the County Clerk’s office as Nevada law does not specifically require all oaths to be recorded.

Additionally, judicial oaths might be held with the Clerk of the Nevada Supreme Court. For magistrate judges, check with the Clerk of the U.S. District Court of Nevada.

To inquire about a specific oath (or oaths) filed with the Clerk’s Office, visit our Records Request page. A representative will contact you once your request is received to discuss if there will be a fee to provide copies of oaths requested. 

For oaths that need to be administered by or filed with our office, bring the oath form to either the Marriage License Bureau or our office at the Clark County Government Center. Please see our Contact Us page for directions, days and hours of operations for these offices.

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