Fees are set by the Nevada State Legislature and/or the Clark County Board of Commissioners, and are subject to change or modification without prior notice. Below is our current fee schedule.

Service Description Amount
Uncertified Copy For each page copied from any document or record $.50
Record Search Per name (person or business) $.50
Certified Copy For each page copied and certified by the County Clerk $6.00
Certificate of Assumed or Fictitious Name (FFN) New or renewal - filing fee includes one uncertified copy $25.00
Certificate of Assumed or Fictitious Name (FFN) Termination Terminate an existing business fictitious firm name $20.00
Marriage License To apply for and obtain a marriage license and associated documents $102.00
Certificate of Vow Renewal Certificate for renewing vows (not to be used as a record of marriage) $21.00
Certified Marriage Certificate Official proof of marriage $20.00
Marriage Document Correction To correct a mistake on a marriage license or marriage certificate Up to $79.50
Civil Marriage Ceremony* Marriage ceremony at the Office of Civil Marriages $75.00
Certificate of Permission to Perform a Single Marriage Permission to perform one ceremony in Clark County for a specific couple (limit 5 in Nevada per calendar year) $55.00

Certificate of Permission to Perform Marriages Permission to perform unlimited ceremonies in Nevada for 5 years plus a background investigation $55.00 +
Certificate of Permission to Perform Marriages (Renewal) Renewal of Certificate of Permission to Perform Marriages (renew every 5 years) $55.00
Notary Public Bond Filing of surety bond after being sworn in as a Nevada Notary Public $20.00

* The fee for this service is payable only with a credit or debit card.


Passport fees are published by the Department of State. For a detailed explanation of all passport fees (required and optional), visit their Passport Fees page. Please be aware that if you are bringing your passport application to our office for an acceptance appointment, the $35 execution fee per application is a separate fee. The execution fee can be paid using cash, credit/debit card, personal or cashier’s check, or money order.

Check and Money Order Policy:

  • Not accepted for a Marriage License, Civil Marriage Ceremony, or Certificate of Vow Renewal
  • Checks and money orders should be made payable to the County Clerk
  • Checks may not be post-dated
  • Checks with Post Office Box addresses will not be accepted
  • Checks without the address imprinted, starter checks, two-party checks, or new account checks will not be accepted
  • All payments must be made in U.S. dollars, and drawn from a U.S. Bank

Credit and Debit Card Fees:

For credit and debit card payments, the merchant our office uses charges a processing fee (2% + $1.25) for each credit card transaction. Your bank statement will reflect a charge from NIC Services, LLC and not the County Clerk.

Please be aware that some of our satellite offices only accept credit and debit cards for payment. Check our Contact Us page for acceptable payment types at each office location as they may vary.

Overpayment Policy:

Overpayments of $10 or less and received through the mail will be refunded upon request by the customer. Requests for refunds of overpayment must be submitted in writing within sixty days of the receipt date and include the receipt number.

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