Certificate of Vow Renewal

Certificate of Vow Renewal

If you are already married and want to renew your vows, the Clark County Clerk's Office offers a Certificate of Vow Renewal. This certificate is not a record of marriage or an official document that can be used to prove marriage; rather, it is a special certificate celebrating the number of years a couple has been married.

The cost of the certificate is $21 and does not cover the cost of a vow renewal or recommitment ceremony. It is up to the couple to take the certificate to a chapel or wedding venue of their choice. Once the ceremony is complete, the person that performed the ceremony will complete the certificate.

Couples can purchase a certificate at the Marriage License Bureau any day of the week, 365 days a year from 8 a.m. until midnight. Couples can also obtain the certificate at our Henderson and Mesquite satellite offices. Days and hours are limited at these locations, so please check our Contact Us page first. Application forms are available in the office.

Below is a sample of what the certificate looks like:


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