Outreach & Education

Outreach & Education

Boy Scout Camporee 2019-10-12

The Nevada Division of Environmental Protection awards Clark County Water Quality grant funding to assist in outreach efforts to engage Las Vegas residents on how to reduce stormwater pollution (also called non-point source pollution). Clark County Water Quality developed the Only Rain in the Storm Drain campaign as a platform to provide information and educate residents, businesses, industry, and local government agencies about water quality issues related to non-point source pollution. These efforts include participation in a variety of events, such as community science events, environmental fairs and workshops, career fairs, elementary and middle school classroom presentations, and Girl Scout and Boy Scout events. Water Quality staff distribute educational materials at these events and speak with the public, providing information on stormwater pollution and how it impacts Las Vegas residents, and what they can do to prevent it. Clark County Water Quality also offers complimentary training to industries and other groups, to help them achieve compliance with local stormwater regulations.


 We can help! For questions and opportunities not listed, or if you would like to check staff availability for a presentation, call the Water Quality Hotline, (702) 668-8674, or contact the Water Quality

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