Only Rain in the Storm Drain

Only Rain in the Storm Drain

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The Only Rain in the Storm Drain campaign, funded in-part by a grant provided by the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection, was developed to aid in engaging the Las Vegas community on issues associated with stormwater (non-point source) pollution in Clark County. In the Las Vegas Valley brief, but intense, storms produce significant amounts of rain in a short timeframe. Rainwater that falls onto paved surfaces, such as streets, buildings, sidewalks, and parking lots become surface water runoff. Runoff collects pollutants such as pet waste, pesticides, oil and grease, and trash as it flows to the nearest storm drain. This runoff carries pollutants straight to Lake Mead – our primary source of drinking water.

Outreach Materials

Developed in collaboration with the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection, Clark County Water Quality’s outreach and education material can be used to educate yourself and others on ways to reduce polluted runoff to the Las Vegas Wash and Lake Mead. Please visit Documents & Educational Materials to access all flyers and educational documents. A large library of outreach material has been developed, such as Public Service Announcements (PSAs), videos, logos, and billboard advertisements. If you are interested in acquiring outreach material, please submit a request to the Water Quality Team.

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