Wireless Small Cell Sites Permits

Wireless Small Cell Sites Permits

Pursuant to Clark County Code of Ordinances Title 5.02, effective Jul 1, 2019, a Site License Approval (SLA) is required to install or modify a small cell site located within the public right-of-way which includes sidewalks, medians, trails,  etc. Before applying for approval, please ensure that you or your client has a current Master License Agreement with the Department of Business License.

Interactive map used for SLAs and SRAs
Screenshot 2023-07-17 125847 - Copy
Clark County Small Cell Interactive Map

An approved SLA is required prior to applying for encroachment with Development Review.

When you are ready to apply, please download the informational package and application below and deliver the completed application with the $250 application fee to the Department of Public Works at 500 S Grand Central Pkwy Las Vegas, NV 89155.

8Site License Applications are required when developing new sites and modifying existing sites.

Site Reservation Applications are required for District 1 (Las Vegas Blvd District) Type 5 Smart Poles.

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