Las Vegas Boulevard Pedestrian Study

Las Vegas Boulevard Pedestrian Study

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2012 Pedestrian Study - Las Vegas Blvd by KHA

2015 Pedestrian Study - Las Vegas Blvd (Update) by KHA
         Pedestrian Study Presentation to the Board of County Commissioners - December 15, 2015

The unobstructed movement of pedestrians along Las Vegas Boulevard is important in maintaining the economic vitality and visitor experience of Las Vegas. In 2012, Clark County conducted a comprehensive study of Las Vegas Boulevard, Russell Road to Sahara Avenue. In an effort to improve the pedestrian experience, the Pedestrian Study was expanded upon the findings and recommendations of the 1994 Lee Engineering report Las Vegas Boulevard South Pedestrian Walkway Study. One of the key findings of the 2012 report was the identification of 17 segments of pedestrian walkways that were found to exceed an acceptable level of service (LOS). Since the completion of the 2012 study, the County has undertaken measures and completed important projects to improve and enhance the walkway conditions within the Resort Corridor and within the 17 identified walkway segments with unacceptable LOS.

For the 2015 restudy, pedestrian volume data was collected on similar days to the 2012 study: over Memorial Day weekend (May 23, 2015) - one of the busiest Saturdays on Las Vegas Boulevard, and on a typical summer Saturday (June 20, 2015) to capture and evaluate updated peak and typical pedestrian conditions.

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