Emergency Response

Emergency Response

The Office of Emergency Management provides a single point of coordination to facilitate and support the resources that will enable Clark County to mitigate, prepare for, respond to, and recover from emergencies.

Clark County's Emergency Operations Plan assigns Public Works as the lead agency in the event of the following emergency situations: earthquakes, floods/storms, severe heat, and volcanic ash fallout. Additionally, Public Works supports responding to other types of emergencies, such as avalanches and fires, that may occur in the County.

Due to events occurring in 2001 and ongoing national security issues, Public Works' role has grown significantly. In 2002, the Department of Homeland Security formally acknowledged Public Works departments within the United States as first responders to emergencies. This designation carries a level of responsibility that mirrors the responsibility of law enforcement and the fire department, although the specific roles in responding are quite different. Clark County Public Works developed staff training to provide awareness of the potential response scenarios. This training is ongoing and will continue as needed in the future.

Flash Flood Events
In the interest of public safety, Public Works may close roads at any time due to flooding.

NEVER drive through floodwater. Please use extreme caution, as flash flooding can occur without warning. Flash flood-related road closures and openings will be disseminated to the public and media by the County's Public Communications office.

The Regional Flood Control District website offers information about flood events and the history of flooding in Clark County.

Southern Nevada Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT)
The Southern Nevada CERT Program is sponsored by Las Vegas Fire & Rescue in partnership with Citizen Corps and the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Please visit the CERT LV Alert website for more information on personal emergency preparedness in Las Vegas, including how to obtain sandbags in preparation for flash flooding events. Empty sandbags are available from the City of Las Vegas east and west service centers. Piles of sand for public use are also available at the service centers. Please note: residents should come prepared to fill and transport their own bags.

LVAlert Service Centers
  • Northwest Service Center is located at 2900 Ronemus Drive (Cheyenne @ Buffalo)
  • East Service Center is located at the corner of N. Mojave Road & Bonanza Road
Dynamic Message Signs  Amber Alerts and travel advisory information on dynamic message signs on freeways and the Desert Inn Super-Arterial are managed by the Regional Transportation Commission's Freeway and Arterial System of Transportation (FAST) organization.

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