County Code: Title 30 - Unified Development Code

County Code: Title 30 - Unified Development Code

Title 30 is the Clark County Code related to land use, zoning, and development.
Below is the reference version of Title 30. This is not the codified version of Title 30 maintained by the County Clerk's office.

The codified version adopted by may not reflect the most updated ordinances adopted by the County.

Clark County has launched "Transform Clark County," a major undertaking to establish a cohesive, countywide vision for the future and a defined strategy to achieve that vision. This effort will include a complete rewrite of Clark County's key policy and regulatory documents—the Master Plan and Development Code. 

Clark County residents are encouraged to participate and learn more about Transform Clark County by visiting the project website. There, one can find out more about the project, access a description and timeline of the process, track events, and sign up for email updates. One may also track the project on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social media channels using the hashtag #TransformClarkCounty.  

Title 30 Development Code - Chapters (combined PDF) 


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