Construction IQAC

Construction IQAC

Inter-Agency Quality Assurance Committee
This committee's primary goal is to improve the quality of construction materials in the public right-of-way. IQAC's efforts are focused on construction materials and related quality assurance.

The material source test values are valid for the indicated date only. The list is for potential source use. The user is responsible for verifying that the material complies with the specifications before use on the project.

Further goals of the committee include:
  • Standard qualification procedures for material sources.
  • Revision of Standard Specifications to complement industry practices.
  • The elimination of all duplicated efforts by the participating agencies.
Qualified Source Lists

Please note: Due to recent changes, the City of Las Vegas will now cover the production facilities that were previously under the oversight of the City of North Las Vegas.

Material Qualification Procedures:
Aggregate Base Qualification Procedure         Form Example
Concrete Mix Design Qualification Criteria      Form Example
Pavement Section Design Procedure
Type III Backfill Procedure
Select Backfill Procedure

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