CCTV 4 Programming Schedule
Clark County Television (CCTV) Channel 4 is Nevada's most-watched government access television station. Our programs are intended to inform and entertain and are available for streaming from your computer.

We provide objective and accurate information about the activities, services and programs of your County government.   We cablecast numerous productions, including a news magazine show, a show about things to do involving Parks and Recreation, a commissioner interview show, public service announcements (PSAs) for County agencies, in-house training videos and specialized mini-programs. 

Numerous government meetings are aired live. Those meetings include the County Commission including their zoning and planning meetings, the Las Vegas Valley Water District Board, the Water Reclamation Board, the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada, the Clark County Regional Flood Control District, coroner's inquests, the Southern Nevada Regional Planning Coalitions' Committee on Homelessness and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department's Fiscal Affairs Committee.

Some meetings are also aired after the fact, such as the Southern Nevada Water Authority board.

Additionally, an informational bulletin board shows periodically throughout the day, providing information on government events and services, including job announcements.

CCTV appears over Cox Communications Channel 4 locally, which reaches approximately 60 percent of the valley's viewers.

In the event of an emergency, public notices will be cablecast over the station.

CCTV also will air PSAs and other productions provided by local non-profit agencies, so long as proof of their non-profit status is provided.

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