Grid Kids

Grid Kids

Adopting children from foster care is a rewarding way to grow your family, while empowering children and teens in need to reach their full potential. Get to know the personalities behind some of F1’s Grid Kids. You can catch them standing alongside drivers on the grid as they prepare for the inaugural Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix Race.

For information on any of the children presented here in Grid Kids, email Learn more about how to adopt in Clark County by clicking here.

Meet our Grid Kids!

Sisters, Tabatha, 11, and Jayden, 12, would like to be adopted together. Tabatha would like a family that enjoys traveling, not all the time, but frequently. She dreams of going to Hawaii to see the scenery, but mostly to see the beach! Her sister, Jayden, likes basketball, tennis, drawing and painting. Jayden would like to see the pair live with a family in a big house with a pool in the backyard where she can spend time with her favorite stuffed animal, a small mouse-like character she affectionately calls her "son" and named Oscar. Get to know this dynamic duo and consider making them an addition to your family.
Aiden, 11, wants to attend college and study computer engineering because he likes to build things and take them apart. He went to Disneyland for his 10th birthday and had a great time. One thing he loves is Crocs because they are fun and easy to wear. He also likes playing football and soccer. Get to know Aiden and consider making him part of your family.
Paul 10, said if he were president of the United States he would give back to charity and give homeless people food. He likes basketball and says Michael Jordan is his favorite and is a better player than LeBron James. He also thinks about having a girlfriend and said he if did, he would give her flowers and marry her on their first date! Get to know Paul and consider welcoming him to your home.
Curry, 9, is happy when he is playing video games, especially Fortnite! Swimming is one of his favorite ways to pass time and he hopes his new family has a pool and video games for him to play and stay busy. Get to know Curry and consider making him part of your family.
Jesiah, 11, likes playing with his friends. He would like a new family with a house that has a backyard so that he can enjoy playing outside. He said he is a little scared about being adopted. Please watch this video and get to know Jesiah. He may be a great addition to your family and you can become his forever home


Dereon - Copy.PNG (2)Dereon, 12, loves anything and everything, football! Playing football is one of his many talents. After a long practice, tacos always fill his belly up. Dereon enjoys other sports, too. Playing video games and with Beyblades are two things he likes to do in his spare time. Dereon loves Shark Boy, dogs, and the color blue. If he could choose any superpower, teleportation would be his top choice. A few words to describe him are self-advocating, polite, respectful, and helpful. Dereon would like to live in a big home with a mom and play football in the future. He is now in the fourth grade and likes math class best. 



Dre'dyn 1 - CopyDre’dyn, 10, has a lot of energy and likes to use this energy for boxing. Any sports or “fun stuff” are a go for Dre’dyn. He loves to snuggle up and watch a movie when given the opportunity. Dre’dyn is open, communicative, and imaginative. He is well-rounded and is described as sweet and smart by others. Dre’dyn likes to play with Beyblades, much like his older brother. The color red, broccoli, and dogs are a few of his favorite things. If he could have any superpower, he would choose to be super smart in science. Dre’dyn would love to go to California in the future. He wants to be a boxer when he grows up. Dre’dyn is now in the third grade and thinks science is the best subject.



Egypt - Copy.PNGEgypt, 7, is friendly, much like her favorite character Hello Kitty, whose tagline is “You can never have too many friends.” Egypt is known to be helpful and will never turn down a game of soccer or ping pong. She does well in school and loves math class. Egypt adores the color blue and thinks horses are the best animal. If she could choose any superpower, she dreams of being able to control the weather. Orange chicken always hits the spot when she gets hungry. Egypt dreams of being like JoJo Siwa in the future. Egypt is in the second grade. Consider making Dereon, Dre'dyn and Egypt a part of your family!



airick 200pxAirick, 12, is a calm, cool, collected pre-teen. His favorite subject in school is science and he really looks forward to do science projects. He enjoys playing with Legos and video games. He loves spending time with his grandma. Some of their favorite things to do together are go to church and watch F1! His favorite restaurants are McDonalds and Raising Canes. You can become Airick's forever home!




AlexiaAlexia, 13, is an energetic and social teenager. She enjoys watching her favorite dramas and singing/dancing along to Taylor Swift. She loves arts and crafts. She's a strong self-advocate and she enjoys spending time with her brother. Consider welcoming Alexia into your family!

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