About Us

About Us

The Office of Communications and Strategy is located in the County Manager’s Office and leads and supports the communications efforts of the organization. With decades of experience in communications and public affairs,  our team serves as the County’s main points of contact with the news media. We coordinate public information and outreach efforts, disseminate news releases, organize news conferences, and respond to media and citizen inquiries. We aim to maintain open, accurate and contextual communications with the public and news media and to respond in a timely manner to requests for information.

The office also works to increase public awareness about the activities, services and programs of County departments using the Internet, the County's cable television station, CCTV Channel 4, meeting broadcasts and video services, electronic newsletters, social media, and the news media.

The office oversees County communications efforts by working closely with the County Manager's Office, the County's 38 departments and our elected officials. Additionally, the Office of Communications and Strategy works hand-in-hand with the Office of Emergency Management in boosting emergency communications preparations, and provides internal media relations and information services, event and special project management, internal communications and some photographic support. To contact us with a question or comment, please send an email or call (702) 455-3546.

Other responsibilities include:  

  • Overseeing the content on this website.
  • Leading emergency communications planning efforts.
  • Providing news media training for County staff.

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