Youth Resident Camps

Camp Lee Canyon Youth Resident Camps
6201 Lee Canyon Rd., Las Vegas, NV 89124
(702) 455-1911,

2024 Summer Camp  Omni / Edge Registration Information
*Registration begins Monday, March 4, 2024


2024 Residential Camp Registration Packet (PDF)

Hello parents and campers! 

Both camps are at Camp Lee Canyon, located at 6201 Lee Canyon Road, below the Las Vegas Ski and Snowboard Resort.  

Omni Camp provides a week of discovery and adventure through hands-on classes and activities featuring archery, intro to Mountain Biking, hiking, campfires with s’mores, sing-a-longs, skits, themed “dress up” dinners, and crafts. 

Edge Camp is about giving teens a space to connect and make friends in an adventurous environment free from the distractions and stresses of the digital age.  Activities include mountain biking, archery, campfire skit night, a camp-wide hike, and an overnight camp-out.  The weekends with a dance party complete with a live D.J.


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