More Activities for Kids

More Activities for Kids

Activities for Kids
Please see the list below for simple self-guided activities great for kids ages 4-10. All ages welcome!
Activities can be done at home or by visiting Wetlands Park. Complete an Activity below and answer the Takeaway Question. 



Cottontail Rabbits
Las Vegas Wash
Citizen Science
Leave No Trace
Bird Babies
American Coots
All Activities: Answer the Takeaway Question

Activities can be done at home or at Wetlands Park. Below is a map of suggested locations. 
Click the menu icon at the top left for a list of locations and walking directions from the Park entrance.
Are you at the Park now? On your phone, click on the bracket icon at the top right to view in Google maps with your location indicated.

More with Kids

owl_TR - CopyWetlands Park with Kids
Download a brochure with great places to visit the Park with kids.
Download a Scavenger Hunt to bring with you on your visit.
Download the Color Me Wild Wetlands Park coloring sheets (2 pages).

Use Technology to Learn
Check out the kid-friendly Seek app by iNaturalist and earn badges while making identifications in Wetlands Park or even in your backyard. The app uses image recognition to tell you what plants and animals you are seeing. You are never too young to be a naturalist! You can also post your Wetlands Park plant and animal pictures to iNaturalist and add them to the Wetlands Park Nature Journal

Clark County Wetlands Park
7050 Wetlands Park Lane
Las Vegas, NV 89122
Phone: (702) 455-7522


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