Virtual Recreation Classes

Virtual Recreation Classes


dance-party-daze-28-50 learn-to-dance-routine-15-03 learn-to-dance-routine-15-04
Dance Party Daze (Facebook) Learn to Dance Routine (Facebook) Learn to Dance Routine II (Facebook)
pickleball-10-06 tai-chi-16-42 tai-chi-6-56
Pickleball (Facebook) Tai Chi (Facebook) Tai Chi (Facebook)
taylors-swim-lesson-21-55 taylors-swim-lesson-week2-2-58 yoga-52-10
Swim Lessons (Facebook) Swim Lessons (Facebook) Yoga (Facebook)
yoga-with-russ-51-12 wii-setup cc-dance-littleredbook
Yoga (Facebook) How to Set Up Wii (Facebook) Dance - Little Red Book
cc-dance-stollalongchacha cc-dance-party  
Dance - Stroll Along Cha Cha (Facebook) Dance Party (Facebook)  

Chair Exercise

chair-aerobics-1-01-20 chair-aerobics-1-02-45 chair-aerobics-1-03-54
Chair Aerobics (Facebook) Chair Aerobics (Facebook) Chair Aerobics (Facebook)
chair-aerobics-58-39 chair-yoga-1-01-05 chair-yoga-1-03-15
Chair Aerobics (Facebook) Chair Yoga w/ Russ (Facebook)  Chair Yoga w/ Russ (Facebook)
chair-yoga-1-03-59 chair-yoga-russ-1-01-01 chair-yoga-russ-1-01-52
Chair Yoga w/ Russ (Facebook) Chair Yoga w/ Russ (Facebook) Chair Yoga w/ Russ (Facebook)
chair-yoga-russ-1-03-21 chair-yoga-russ-1-04-42 chair-yoga-russ-1-05-49
Chair Yoga w/ Russ (Facebook) Chair Yoga w/ Russ (Facebook) Chair Yoga w/ Russ (Facebook)
Chair Yoga w/ Russ (Facebook)    

Arts & Crafts

cultural-howtodraw-adamrellah cultural-howtodraw-nancygood cactus-artsncrafts-project-13-56
Virtual Art Class with Adam Rellah - YouTube Virtual Art Class with Nancy Good - Youtube Cactus Art & Craft Project (Facebook)
diy-shelf-project-9-31 howto-makea-pinata-withjeff-18-10 intro-to-wood-buring-21-14
DIY Shelf Project (Facebook) How to Make a Pinata (Facebook) Intro to Wood Burning (Facebook)
paper-bag-star-5-17 plastic-spoon-candle-holder-craft-4-18 using-poetry-to-explore-creativity-3-35
Paper Bag Star Craft (Facebook) Plastic Spoon Candle Holder (Facebook) Using Poetry to Explore Creativity (Facebook)
  Cora Coleman Virtual Quarantine
Arts & Crafts Show (Facebook)

Virtual Tours

cc-virtual-trip-beatty virtual-adventure-trip-finding-nesbitt-lake virtual-adventure-trip-pahrump-59-32
virtual-adventure-trip-partI-19-59 virtual-adventure-trip-partII-15-43  
Virtual Adventure Trip
Part I (Facebook)
Virtual Adventure TripPart II (Facebook)  

Explore Mexico

explore-mexico-aguacalientes-17-51 explore-mexico-campeche-32-05 explore-mexico-chiapas-46-38
Aguacalientes (Facebook) Campeche (Facebook) Chiapas (Facebook)
explore-mexico-chihuahua-20-01 explore-mexico-coahuila-18-49 explore-mexico-colimo-25-14
Chihuahua (Facebook) Coahuila (Facebook) Colimo (Facebook)
explore-mexico-durango-22-29 explore-mexico-michiocan-32-31 explore-mexico-nayarit-23-16
Jalisco (Facebook) Michoacan (Facebook) Nayarit (Facebook)
explore-mexico-neuvoleon-25-33 explore-mexico-oaxaco-48-31 explore-mexico-queretaro-27-50
Neuvo Leon (Facebook) Oaxaco (Facebook) Queretaro (Facebook)
explore-mexico-sanluis-potisi-19-48 explore-mexico-sinloa-22-43 explore-mexico-sonora-24-38
San Luis Potosi (Facebook) Sinaloa (Facebook) Sonora (Facebook)
explore-mexico-tabasco-24-02 explore-mexico-tamaulipas-32-11 explore-mexico-veracruz-30-45
Tabasco (Facebook) Tamaulipas (Facebook) Veracruz (Facebook)
Zacatecos (Facebook)    

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