Volunteer Opps

Volunteer Opps


A volunteer is someone who gives time, talent, energy, skills, and experience, for which no payment is received. Volunteering is spending the precious gift of time, out of the belief that all have the ability to benefit others and the community. Thanks to volunteer programs, like these, the Clark County Shooting Complex is able to offer low-cost, self-supporting programs that serve the community as a whole. Volunteering is essential to a society that is dynamic and positive.

Our philosophy towards volunteer programs is one of mutual benefit. In return for the skills, interest, talents, and enthusiasm that the volunteers contribute to enhancing service offered, each volunteer will be provided with training and a meaningful valuable work experience. As a Volunteer you will be given the tools to provide first class customer service to ensure that the experience of our patrons reflects this vision. Training classes include the initial Cornerstone Training course, which is an overview of the Department of Parks & Recreation, the Shooting Complex facility, and the requirements for first-class customer service. This training is followed by specific training for various activities including Trade Show, Retail Business Partnership, Line Safety Officer, and other program specific training. Other training programs will be offered as the amount of range programs increase.


Range Safety Officers assist the Shooting Complex Staff at the Archery, Shotgun and Rifle-Pistol Centers. Duties include overseeing the firing lines, monitoring shooting safety, and greeting shooters at each center. Range Safety officers are trained by staff in the most current line safety techniques and the safety rules of each range.

To participate in this program a volunteer must complete:

  • Range Safety Officer Training
  • 8-hours of Firing Line Training.


A Retail Business Partnership Volunteer makes frequent visits to cooperating businesses, providing up-to-date information on the Range and its programs, delivers brochures, and promotional passes. You will be a major player in keeping the public informed on the activities and events happening at the Shooting Range. Volunteers interested in this program should have a flexible schedule and must provide their own transportation.


The Trade Show Program, a key component of the Outreach Program, supports the Shooting Complex's marketing goals. Participating as a Trade Show Volunteer is essential to furthering the vision of the Shooting Complex through community involvement and information dissemination. The Trade Show Program consists of assisting staff at various venues including gun shows, business expos, fairs, and trade shows. Trade show volunteers directly increase visibility for the Shooting Complex throughout local, national, and international markets. Participation in local trade shows and events creates a strong presence, and enhances the vision and image of the Shooting Complex. Participation also boosts public awareness of the facility, its products, and programs.
In order to participate in the Trade Show Program a Volunteer Ambassador must complete:

  • The Trade Show Training Program, which will provide knowledge and understanding necessary to setup and tear down various display configurations of equipment.
  • Training which will prepare volunteers for the public, during a show to answer questions and disseminate information about the complex.


All individuals interested in becoming a volunteer are required to pass a background check that is required for all volunteers of the Clark County Shooting Complex. Some positions may require a hearing and blood test as well.

1. Each applicant may email the Clark County Shooting Complex at
2. When emailing, please type ‘Shooting Complex Volunteer in the subject field. Include a working e-mail address, working telephone number, and shirt size in the body of the e-mail.
3. The Shooting Complex will contact each volunteer applicant.
4. The Shooting Complex will schedule volunteer applicants for Cornerstone Training
5. At the Cornerstone Training, volunteer complete all additional paper work, including a County Background Release and Authorization for a background check and a County badging form.
6. Once the Volunteer passes the background check and receives a County Volunteer Badge, the Shooting Range will contact and schedule program specific training and volunteer hours. 

*Note: An individual cannot volunteer at any County function until the background check is processed, completed, and the host receives a County  Volunteer Badge.

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