Firearms, Training & Events

Firearms, Training & Events

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User Groups offer practice and competitive events, as well as firearms and archery skill building and safety courses throughout the scheduling process. The Clark County Shooting Complex does not endorse or guarantee any classes or user group services. CCSC is not responsible for company management, operations, or course contents.


The Clark County Shooting Range provides ranges and training rooms for scheduled shooting-related events, related training activities or classes. To use these features:

  • Four Training Rooms
  • 20 Trap/Skeet Fields
  • Archery Range
  • 100 Yard Range
  • 50 Yard Range
  • Wobble Trap Field
  • Sporting Clays
  • 5-Stand

Agencies, clubs, organizations, or businesses must first complete a User Group Registration application. Being a user group allows your organization to be scheduled for these event features. The Clark County Shooting Complex has an exclusive fee and scheduling process for registered user groups. Details can be found on our website or obtained at the Complex Office.

Individuals may not register as a User Group unless they are a bonafide business. The Clark County Shooting Complex is managed as a recreational shooting facility. Requested uses that do not feature the shooting sports, or are not related to the shooting sports, or the accomplishment of the mission of Clark County will not be allowed on the property. All events, buildings, and facilities must be requested for scheduling reservations through the Range.

Click Here to view a list of User Group Classes offered in our "Enroll Now" program

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