Walnut Community Center Interactive Mural

Walnut Community Center Interactive Mural


Interactive Mural to Brighten Local Community Center Unusual effect reveals hidden message!
Walnut Community Center 3075 N Walnut Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89115.

The mural will be available after November 18, 2020.

Intended to brighten the walls of the Game Room for the many youths that attend the Center. The mural not only incorporates bright colors and bold imagery, but also a hidden message. 

walnut-mural-jason“Using a technique I’ve developed called red-reveal, I’m able to hide a message in the mural that can only be seen with a red filter.” says Tetlak, “I hope that the mural can be inspirational for the children who use the facility for after school programs.” 

Jason is known for creating pieces that are interactive, often using mobile technology to create augmented reality experiences surrounding his work, and most notably using 3D glasses to make his images appear to pop off the wall, as he did with his Guinness World Record mural of the Beastie Boys.

A featured muralist at Art Basel 2019 in Miami - Jason’s street art is also prominently located in such diverse spots as Cincinnati, Tuscaloosa, Key West, Charleston, Cleveland, and Bermuda to go along with an array of colorful works in the neighborhoods near his Jacksonville studio. His red reveal work featuring Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield was even showcased on ESPN’S NFL countdown.


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