Youth Arts Education Temporary Public Art Projects

Youth Arts Education Temporary Public Art Projects

Youth Arts Education Temporary Public Art Projects

Eight artists are selected to be paired with two Parks and Recreation facilities in Clark County. These artists create and lead workshops with youth at recreation facilities. The artists then take art made by the youth at the centers, and incorporate it into a larger temporary installation on site at the center. This program is considered a scholarship program, in which artists are trained in leading workshops, creating public art proposals, and building art installations.

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Since 2018, the Youth Arts Education: Temporary Public Art Program has been actively organizing artist involvement. The program's dual purpose lies in educating both artists and youth about public art, while concurrently enriching the skill sets of the participating artists. 

Clark County Parks and Recreation provides Southern Nevada with 16 urban recreation and community centers, with a variety of amenities to provide recreational experiences for visitors and residents alike. Each recreation and community center has its own unique space and community. 



  1. Create a professional and thoughtful traveling temporary public art installation with elements created by the children enrolled in the program
  2. Develop artist’s skills for engaging in public art and teaching
  3. Work that is responsive and sensitive to the community it is located in.
  4. Produce and promote work by Clark County artists, develop skills for teaching, engaging the community, and producing public art.

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