Gallery Art Calls

Gallery Art Calls

Gallery Mission

To bring fine art exhibits that will educate and enlighten those who live and visit Clark County, Nevada. 

Open Calls


About the Galleries

The Rotunda Gallery at the Government Center is located at 500 S. Grand Central Parkway in downtown Las Vegas. The government center houses the general administrative offices of the county, chambers for the Board of County Commissioners, a variety of special-purpose spaces, a café, and an amphitheater.

The Winchester Gallery is located at 3130 McLeod Dr. in Winchester Dondero Cultural Center. The center has a 274-seat theater, an art gallery, dance room & classrooms in the 9-acre park, presenting concerts, classes & exhibits year-round.

What you need to know:


No entry fees.

Open to any artist ages 14 and older; applications for artists under age 18 must include the signature and contact information of parent or guardian. The artist agrees to leave their work up through the end of the exhibit date.

No artist may drop off or remove their artwork without the consent of the Clark County Public Arts.

Artist MUST be available for pick-up and drop-off dates to sign in and sign out their work. Artwork must be hand delivered or shipped to the address on this form. If shipping the work, the costs of round-trip shipping are at the artist’s expense and must be pre-paid and on time.

Images included in applications must be of actual artwork, not conceptual images.

Must be original artwork medium; digital art, photography, and printmaking are acceptable; no replica prints shall be accepted.

Up to three pieces of art may be submitted. For sculpture, include images of multiple views.

Please note that Clark County does not secure insurance on exhibited artwork. The artist will exhibit at their own risk. Artists are encouraged to purchase their own insurance to recover any loss from broken or stolen artwork that may occur during the exhibition.



▪Artwork that contains offensive language, overtly political, religious, and/or sexual content or imagery, including nudity, shall not be considered.

▪Non-traditional video projection and installation work may be considered on a case-by-case basis, dependent upon the gallery’s limitations. No holes may be placed in walls or ceiling. All equipment must be provided by the artist.

▪Selected video artist(s) must supply their own freestanding television, monitor, or LED displays accompanied by a media player that is easily powered on and off with a remote by Clark County staff. Displays cannot be wider than 22” wide. A pedestal will be provided.

▪All 2D flat work (on paper or similar) must be framed with a hanging point on the back. Canvas and larger 2D work must have D-rings, a wire, or an existing hanging point secured to the back, and be ready to hang.

▪See our Winchester Gallery Artwork Preparation Guide for more details. < LINK : >

▪2D artwork dimensions may not exceed 48” wide or 48” high; weight cannot exceed 40lbs.

▪Perishable artwork shall not be considered.

▪All parts of the artwork must be secured and stable. For example, sculptures must be securely glued or welded together.

▪3D artwork dimensions may not exceed 28” L x 22” W x 28” H; weight cannot exceed 80lbs.

▪A pedestal will be provided for selected three-dimensional works.

▪Clark County Public Arts reserves the right to disqualify and remove any artwork that poses a threat to fall, break, or cause harm to the public, the facility, or the artwork itself.

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