The Bus Stops Here

The Bus Stops Here

Works by Clark County artists Montana Black, Shan Michael Evans, Nabila Khanam and Thomas Willis were selected by a jury in 2009, then enlarged to poster size, replicated 25 times each and displayed in transit shelters across the Las Vegas Valley for one year. The project is The Bus Stops Here, a cooperative effort of Clark County Parks and Recreation, the Friends of Winchester Park's Public Art Committee and the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada. The project was funded by a grant from the Nevada Arts Council, a division of Nevada’s Department of Cultural Affairs and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Montana Black’s “Elaine” is an oil portrait of a woman and a giraffe. Shan Michael Evans’ “Robot So Loved The City” is an anime-style drawing of a Godzilla-size robot with a heart on its chest. Nabila Khanam’s “Winter Reflections” is a photograph of Red Rock shadowed by clouds. Thomas Willis’ “Point” is a diptych divided into black and white sectors, overlaid by what might be a galaxy or a thumbprint.

For more information, call Clark County Parks and Recreation at (702) 455-7340.


"Winter Reflections" by Nabila Khanam 

"Point" by Thomas Willis 

"Elaine" by Montana Black

"Robot So Loved The City" by Shan Michael Evans  

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