Organic Study No 2

Organic Study No 2

"Organic Study No.2"

Desert Diamonds Baseball Complex Public Art Sculpture
 By artist team Renewable Envoy – Pam Stuckey, Luis Varela-Rico & Michael Andrieu

(Photos-Kin Lui.CreativeCTRL)    

"Organic Study No. 2" (2018)

Solar Powered LED Lights & Steel
15-foot tall sculpture      ~       Dedicated: May 2019
"The environment is where we all meet; where all have a mutual interest;
it is the one thing all of us share."  - Lady Bird Johnson   
Commissioned and Funded by the Department of Parks & Recreation and the County Arts Plan, this sculpture is a unique 15-foot tall hand that is gripping a baseball, and consists of precision-cut mild steel. The solar cells located at the top of the sculpture, captures the energy produced to light the artwork. The renewable energy collected is stored in a battery, housed within the pedestal, which forms the base of "Organic Study No. 2".
The selection of the placement, in the center courtyard of the park's four ballfields, was intended to provide an added measure of focus, security, easy patron interaction, oversite and elemental sheltering for the finished artwork.

The creation of "Organic Study No. 2" originated from a desire to capture and accentuate an unspoken moment of baseball's resilience -- returning the ball to play. Taking this tiny yet necessary action; pausing and exploding it to an unnatural scale, works to remind onlookers of the sport's tenacity in American culture. It hopes to inspire memory of moments shared between players who've dedicated years to their love of the game. To serve as a beacon for a next generation of players, coaches, and community to rally around and perpetuate the first American past-time, with the same reverence and love all those that came before, had felt.
In building a body of steel, these feelings of strength and perseverance are reinforced. The material's strength, cut by machine and bonded in fire, serves as a dedication to the same fortitude found within the players, whose tireless efforts push their bodies to the limit in pursuit of mastery over the sport. The material's resilience against wear draws a parallel to the community built around the sport itself. Unflinching steel is matched pound for pound by the people's unwavering dedication to the game, and just as they have remained devoted and steadfast, the form will stand uncompromising for years to come.

The artist hopes that in building this dedication, it may serve as a colossal reminder to a community's love for the sport; to motivate veteran players to remain invigorated and entrenched in this jewel of Americana; and to inspire young upstarts to dedicate themselves to their self-mastery, and to the sport itself.

Artist Team:

The artist team Renewable Envoy includes Pam Stuckey, Luis Varela-Rico and Michael Andrieu.  This sculpture is designed, fabricated and installed by Luis Varela-Rico.  The solar cells at the top connect to components to power the LED lights in the pedestal.  Renewable Envoy seeks to promote and encourage renewable energy in public art and infrastructure and demonstrates the economic value that it brings to communities by incorporating sustainable art into the public landscape.                 


Desert Diamonds Baseball Complex
7929 Mountains Edge Parkway, Las Vegas, NV 89178 MAP
(702) 455-8200


Desert Diamonds Baseball Complex, adjacent to Mountain's Edge Regional Park, is the only complex of its kind in Southern Nevada, having four 90-foot baseball fields in the same complex, and will be capable of hosting NCAA Division 1 baseball events and local high school state and regional playoffs.

(702) 455-8685,
Supervisor: Mickey Sprott

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