Whitney Recreation Center Mural 

 Whitney Recreation Center Mural 

Whitney Recreation Center Mural 

Whitney Recreation Center Mural is created by Timothy Robert Smith. He is a public artist that uses realism and shifting perspective to create immersive, painted environments. His work fuses together multiple viewpoints into a cinematic story that explores  perception of our surroundings. Luminous skies and dramatic viewing angles capture the public’s attention. Realistic, larger-than-life characters in extreme perspectives are used to create a 3-D depth that pops out of the frame. 

Learn more about Timothy on his website. 

The Whitney neighborhood has roots stemming back to the early 1930s when Stowell E. Whitney established roots for himself and his family. Since its incorporation, members of this community have held strong family ties and a proud sense of community as displayed by the various walks of life that call the Whitney area home. The Whitney Recreation Center has been a part of Nevada’s history since the late 1980s. 

Timothy spent time at Whitney speaking to patrons and even had a chance to try out the rock-climbing wall. The mural reflects some of the activities that the center has to offer and the people represented in the mural live in the neighborhood and visit the center often. 

Detail of the mural at the front entrance of Whitney Recreation Center

You can visit the mural at the Whitney Recreation Center on 5712 E. Missouri Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89122. 

Please note the mural is in a construction zone at this time. 

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