Desert Winds

Desert Winds

Desert Winds
Talley Fisher
Silverado Ranch Community Center
9855 Gilespie St., Las Vegas, NV 89183

Desert Winds is a sculpture created in 2024 by Talley Fisher. The piece is inspired by the movements of elements found in nature. Gusts of wind curl and swoop along the corridor of the community center, representing the breezes that often sweep through the Las Vegas Valley. Talley’s artistic process starts with her wild admiration for science and the natural world, a lens through which she interprets the history, purpose, and location of site.

Talley had spent some time in Las Vegas during a former project at Harry Reid International Airport where she observed the wind as it sloped down from the mountains and brought an almost constant breeze into the city. She created something dynamic from these observations, one that evokes a sense of flow through the space to reflect motion of those who use the facility for fitness and well-being. Desert Winds, with its abstracted and curled gusts weaving down the main corridor, opens itself to different interpretations, such as clouds or waves, giving each viewer the opportunity to create their own narrative.

The piece is composed of perforated aluminum elements, suspended by thin stainless steel aircraft cable. The perforations not only allow light and air to pass through, but further add to the “weightless” concept of air or wind. Major processes of fabrication will include laser-cutting, roll­ing, and powder coating for the finish.

Learn more about Talley on her website.


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