Chronicling Moapa Valley Through Art

Chronicling Moapa Valley Through Art

Through the Muddy – Moapa Valley Community Center Mural, by Gig Depio

(Through the Muddy mock-up design, photo-Gig Depio)

Where the Art Began: In 2016 Clark County Public Art Program invited artists in Clark County to submit their qualifications to create a mural design, which would be installed to enhance the main meeting room of the Moapa Valley Community Center.  The purpose of creating art for this location is to celebrate the local area through art, while at the same time to utilize an original work of art to tell a story of the region and to serve as a backdrop to the Town Advisory Board meetings and other community events.  As with all of the commissioned art projects funded by this program, a jury of volunteers from a wide variety of backgrounds (including volunteers from the Moapa Valley area) worked to evaluate each of the 32 applications submitted, on the merit of the artistic quality, management strength and the artist's demonstrated ability to create a design integrating the community and the installation site. The top three evaluation scores were selected as finalist artists, given a stipend and three additional months to research their project, create a final design mock-up and present their proposed projects (including budget breakdowns, production timelines, intended project resources and installation details) to the review panel and the community, during a public meeting, March of 2017, held at the Moapa Valley Community Center.

Las Vegas artist Gig Depio was selected, from the three finalists, to create his unique and detailed oil-on-canvas mural, Through the Muddy, illustrating the local history and culture of this part of Clark County.

The scaled-art mock-ups created by the other finalists, Heidi Leavitt (They Were Dauntless) and Joan Day (Source), were installed in October 2018, and are now permanently displayed at the Moapa Valley Recreation Center.

Gig Depio – Moapa Valley Community Center Mural
Heidi Leavitt & Joan Day – Moapa Valley Recreation Center Scaled Artwork Installation

Chronicling Moapa Valley-Project Digital Notebook CoreIn-depth project background, artwork photos & research notes

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