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Clark County's public art project "Centered" engages empty road islands throughout Clark County and beautifies them with art. This was an experiment to see how Public Art could enhance our roadways using local artist to create and install unique sculptures in various areas of the Las Vegas Valley.

The Clark County Art Committee envisioned site-specific works that were grander and diverse in style and scope than the premanufactured artwork that has been popping up along our roadways. “While other pieces don’t come equipped with a storyline, Centered’s artworks respond to their respective environments in diverse ways while catering to the idea of community, place, neighborhoods and broad appeal,” wrote Kristen Peterson for Vegas Seven.

The artists for the project were selected by a panel of local artists, arts educators, and a representative of the Clark County Public Works Department. The panel selected 10 local artists from more than 46 other artists who applied to create public art in 10 Clark County street medians.

Clark County invites you to explore the photographs below and hopes that while you are driving around town that you will take the time to drive past these unique works of art.

Photo Clark County Visual Art

Adolfo Gonzalez "Octosteam"

Pecos-McLeod Interconnect
On Pecos-McLeod, just South of Desert Inn  
Las Vegas, NV 89121

Photo Clark County Visual Art

Chris O'Rourke "Native Dance"

East Reno Ave at Kovall
Las Vegas, NV 89119

Photo Clark County Visual Art

Miguel Rodriguez "Jaguar"

Winchester Cultural Center
3130 McLeod Drive Las Vegas, NV 89121

Photo Clark County Visual Art

Jesse Smigel "I told you to not paint it Hot Orange"

Clark County Shooting Complex.
11357 North Decatur Boulevard
Las Vegas, Nevada 89131

Photo Clark County Visual Art

Luis Varela-Rico "Norte y Sur"

On Eastern Ave. just North of Serene
Las Vegas, NV 89123

Photo Clark County Visual Art

ZDC: Zak Ostrowski, Drew Gregory, & Clemente Cicoria "Arc Spine"'

Mountain Crest Park
4701 North Durango Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89129

thumbsup-stark-pawloski  thumbsup-stark-pawloski2
Photos Clark County Visual Art

Robin Stark with Eric Pawloski. "Thumbs Up."

“Thumbs Up” piece was moved to Walnut Community Center. You can find these figures now welcoming the neighborhood to the Community Center. 
Formerly at Pecos and Las Vegas Boulevard. Reinstalled at Walnut Recreation Center

3075 North Walnut Road
Las Vegas, NV 89115

Due to unforeseen events, three of the Centered pieces no longer exist. They are still very much a part of the history of the Centered project and will live on in the images below. 


Photo Clark County Visual Art

K.D. Matheson "Anthropos"

Formerly Decatur just North of the 215 

Photo Clark County Visual Art

Chris Bauder "Night Eyes"

Formerly Decatur and Flamingo 

Photo Clark County Visual Art

Holly Ray Vaughn "Gem"

Formerly Windmill Just West of Rainbow 


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