Art Along Flamingo Arroyo Trail

Art Along Flamingo Arroyo Trail

flamingo-arroyo-trail-1Flamingo Arroyo Trail Map (JPG)

The Flamingo Arroyo Trail was the first major trail created by Clark County as part of the growing complex of trails in Southern Nevada, wending more than nine miles from the Pecos-McLeod Interconnect to the Sunrise Trailhead at Clark County Wetlands Park. The trail was funded by the Southern Nevada Public Land Management Act (SNPLMA). Early in the process Clark County's Department of Parks and Recreation was awarded an additional SNPLMA grant to employ artists to enhance the design of the trail. The county hired two internationally-known public artists, Barbara Grygutis of Tucson and Buster Simpson of Seattle, and rising Phoenix artist Kevin Berry. Planning, design and execution of this first major public art project by Clark County took seven years. It was dedicated in October, 2010.

Instead of designing discrete artworks, the three-artist team together designed the necessary furniture for the trailheads and waysides and the layout and planting of the trailheads in partnership with landscape architectural firm J.W. Zunino and Associates. The artists designed the signs, benches, and shade shelters for the trailheads. They also rescued and included in some trailheads, broken chunks of the historic Stardust Hotel and Casino, which was built on the Las Vegas Strip in 1955. (The hotel opened in 1958, closed in 2006 and was imploded March 13, 2007.) The artists used weathering steel for the shade shelters, which is designed to rust to a steadily deepening color.

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