PLAY at Wetlands Park

PLAY at Wetlands Park


PLAY is a public art installation exhibition consisting of fourteen temporary sculptures created by Nevada artists specifically for the Wetlands Park.

The pieces are made of recycled and earth-friendly materials. Following the self-guided tour trail, an interactive map will pinpoint the locations of each artwork. This map can be found on the Wetlands Park website. Each installation has a corresponding QR code for viewers to scan and find more information about the artists and the ideas behind their art.

Diane Bush
Jennifer Deveraux
Mark Salinas and Angela Brommel
Mikayla Whitmore
Nancy Good
Nova May
Rebecca Sullinger
Shoshana Zeldner
Vanessa Maciel
Valentin Yordanov
Wendy Armitage

play-examplesLeft to Right: 1. “Nature Stares Back” VoidSpace 2. “Shonisaurus” Rebecca Sullinger 3. “Somewhere Under the Rainbow” Mikayla Whitmore 4. “Pepperwing” Vezun 5. “Rabbit Rabbit” Wendy Armitage
Bottom: “Habitat Curtain” Nancy Good

PLAY Installation can be viewed online here:

Clark County Wetlands Park
7050 Wetlands Park Lane
Las Vegas, NV 89122

Wetlands Park Hours:

Art at Wetlands Park:

PLAY Interactive Map:

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